Woodpecker are world-leading in the Dental industry with 25 years’ experience of researching, developing and selling dental equipment. They own over 100 national and have built their reputation on producing efficient reliable products at attractive prices.

Woodpecker leading in the Ultrasonic Scaler production and leader in LED Curing Light production. The two leading brands WOODPECKER and DTE export to over 119 Countries.

What we repair:

Woodpecker UDS-E LED Ultrasonic Piezo Scaling Units

Woodpecker UDS-E Ultrasonic Piezo Scaling Units

Woodpecker Piezo Scalers

Woodpecker Scalers

Why Choose Us

Best Quality Components​

If you feel the need to have original components in your equipment, this is no problem as MC Repairs carry the majority of these items in stock or in the workshop within the next few days.

Longer Warranties

When it comes to handpiece repairs, customers should now be demanding more from their repair company. When we say more, we mean longer warranties. To ensure that your handpieces are staying in your surgery for longer before their next repair.

NO Obligation, FREE Quotation!

MC Repairs Ltd adheres by our NO Obligation, FREE Quotation service allowing for in-depth analysis without any condition to pay unless you're satisfied with the costs!