MK-dent strive on solving today's most important problems in dentistry with talented individuals who embrace our passion to change the world. Their obsession with building better dental products empowers thousands of dentists and helps millions of patients suffering from oral diseases worldwide.

Founding in 1995 in Germany, MK-dent has grown into one of the leading manufacturers of dental instruments. Today, meticulously crafted precision instruments are available in more than 110 countries around the world. MK-dent, strive to solve today‘s most important problems in dentistry. Igniting opportunity by building better dental products and helping millions of patients suffering from oral diseases worldwide.

What we repair:


MK-Dent Electronic Motors

Mk-dent Couplings

MK-Dent The Eco Line Series

MK-Dent The Prime Line

MK-Dent The Classic Line

Why Choose Us

Best Quality Components​

If you feel the need to have original components in your equipment, this is no problem as MC Repairs carry the majority of these items in stock or in the workshop within the next few days.

Longer Warranties

When it comes to handpiece repairs, customers should now be demanding more from their repair company. When we say more, we mean longer warranties. To ensure that your handpieces are staying in your surgery for longer before their next repair.

NO Obligation, FREE Quotation!

MC Repairs Ltd adheres by our NO Obligation, FREE Quotation service allowing for in-depth analysis without any condition to pay unless you're satisfied with the costs!