General Handpiece Maintenance & Cleaning

Detach handpiece from tubing.

Remove bur.

DO NOT submerge handpiece in any solution.

Wipe away any external debris
using a non-alcoholic,
approved disinfectant wipe.

DO NOT use any chemcial solution or submerge in water.

Using a dry tissue, remove any excess detergent leftover on the handpiece from the wipe.

Select the correct oil adaptor for the handpiece you want to lubricate.

Ensure nozzle is securely attached.

Shake the spray can well
before attaching to the

Insert the oil adaptor into the

Always keep the spray can in an upright postion.

Spray lubrication through the
handpiece for 2-3 seconds
into a clean tissue.

* Please note, if oil comes
through the handpiece head
and has a brown discolouration, continue to
spray the handpiece 2 more
times until it comes through

Repeat steps 3 & 4 until the
oil comes through clear.* If it does not come through
clear after 3 sprays, send off
for a service. This
discolouration is due to a
rusting issue.

(If the oil comes through the
head of the handpiece and
has a black discolouration,
continue with the remainder
of the sterilisation process and
send the handpiece for a
service before it can be used

Proceed to Step 6.

Package in accordance with
applicable standards.

Place your handpiece in the
autoclave ensuring you have
selected the correct cycle and
you have checked that your
autoclave does not surpass

Please note these are general guidelines as recommended by MC Repairs Ltd. For exact guidelines you should consult handpiece user manuals.

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