We’re a family business with over 50 years’ combined experience in the dental industry. 

We’re fully accredited for handpiece and dental equipment repairs on brands such as Acteon, Anthogyr, Bien Air, DTE, EMS, KaVo, MK-Dent, NSK, Star Dental, W&H, Woodpecker and many more!

Why Choose Us

Best Quality Components​

If you feel the need to have original components in your equipment, this is no problem as MC Repairs carry the majority of these items in stock or in the workshop within the next few days.

Longer Warranties

When it comes to handpiece repairs, customers should now be demanding more from their repair company. When we say more, we mean longer warranties. To ensure that your handpieces are staying in your surgery for longer before their next repair.

NO Obligation, FREE Quotation!

MC Repairs Ltd adheres by our NO Obligation, FREE Quotation service allowing for in-depth analysis without any condition to pay unless you're satisfied with the costs!

competitive pricing

We are extremely competitively priced and confident that you’ll find us to be the best value repair centre in the UK.

Accredited on main dental brands

We’re fully accredited for handpiece and dental equipment repairs on brands such as Acteon, Anthogyr, Bien Air, DTE, EMS, KaVo, MK-Dent, NSK, Star Dental, W&H, Woodpecker and many more!

state-of-the art workshop

We've invested heavily into building our new state-of-the art workshop, adding much needed precision tooling and testing equipment with all components from highly reputable manufacturers around the world.

Fully accredited on major brands.

We’re fully accredit for brands such as Anthogyr, Acteon, Bien Air, DTE, KaVo, MK-Dent, NSK, Star Dental, W&H and Woodpecker on all your small dental equipment repairs!

Our team

Here at MC Repairs Ltd, we offer repairs and services on Handpieces, Motors, Lubrication Systems & Surgical Units.

We’re fully accredited for handpiece and dental equipment repairs on brands such as Acteon, Anthogyr, Bien Air, DTE, EMS, KaVo, MK-Dent, NSK, Star Dental, W&H, Woodpecker and many more!

Carl Wise


Carl is the most experienced member of the team having 25 years experience in the dental handpiece repair industry. Whilst he is the manager of the daily business side of things through to business development, his experience and knowledge of handpieces (and the dental industry in general) is essential to everyone at MC.

Carl is a lively individual and a family man, the latter helping to keep his energy levels in check! In his limited spare time he plays badminton, golf, paddle boarding, enjoys keeping fit and watching as much football as time will allow. His team Coventry City are finally making moves in the right direction!

T: 01253 404 774

E: carl@mcrepairs.co.uk

Maddalena Wise


Maddalena (or Madz as she prefers to be known) is responsible for the finance related aspects of MC Repairs. Be it banking, invoicing, account handling, administration and even some HR. Behind the scenes, Madz plays an important role in keeping everything flowing and ensuring the smooth operation of MC Repairs. Her expertise, experience and calm demeanour are always invaluable.

In her spare time, Madz enjoys the Gym, Spa Days, Starbucks and Shopping!

Gary Keenan


Meet Gary, our fantastic Regional General Manager and your go-to person for direct assistance in your dental practice. With over 20 years of experience as a decorated technician, Gary has earned certificates from renowned manufacturers like Bien Air, Kavo, and W&H and much more.

Outside of his professional achievements, Gary enjoys clanging and banging in the gym and cherishing time with his daughter. His dedication to both his work and personal life is truly inspiring.

A fun fact about Gary: he doesn’t have a favorite snack because he believes “snacking is slacking!”

Gary’s extensive expertise and commitment make him an indispensable asset to our team, always ready to provide top-notch support and guidance.

T: 01253 404774
E: gary@mcrepairs.co.uk

Andrew Azzopardi


Introducing Andrew, one of our talented Equipment Technicians at MC Repairs Ltd. Andrew is a versatile football player, capable of taking on any position on the pitch, though he jokes that his best position is right back… of the changing rooms.

If Andrew could have any superpower, it would be super speed, allowing him to repair handpieces even faster!

A fun fact about Andrew is that, despite his profession, he hates going to the dentist!

Andrew’s sense of humor and dedication to his craft make him a valued member of our team, always ready to bring a smile and expert skills to his work.

T: 01253 404774

E: repairs@mcrepairs.co.uk

Molly Baldwin


Meet Molly, our reliable Sales Executive at MC Repairs and MC Dental Ltd. With over 3 years of dedicated service, Molly has proven to be an vital part of our team.

In her free time, Molly enjoys collecting LEGO sets and indulging in all things Star Wars. She’s a huge fan of the Star Wars universe and especially loves the character R-Tooth D-Tooth!

If Molly could have any superpower, it would be mind control, a testament to her strategic mindset and ability to connect with others.

Molly’s dedication and enthusiasm make her a cherished member of our team, always ready to support your practice with a smile.

T: 01253 404 774

E: molly@mcrepairs.co.uk

Tylan Bostock


Introducing Tylan, our charismatic Equipment Technician at MC Repairs Ltd. Tylan brings a vibrant energy to our team, both through his work and his personal passions.

In his spare time, Tylan loves playing musical instruments, with the trumpet being his favorite. His musical talent adds a unique rhythm to our workplace.

Tylan is a devoted football fan, cheering for Blackpool with the hopeful belief that they will one day achieve promotion to the Premier League. He also supports Manchester United, firmly believing they are the best team in England.

When it comes to snacks, Tylan’s go-to choice is a Trilogy Box meal, especially for the Popcorn Chicken.

Tylan’s enthusiasm, both in his hobbies and his work, makes him a valuable and dynamic member of our team.

T: 01253 404 774
E: repairs@mcrepairs.co.uk

Cameron Gourley


Meet Cameron, our lively and enthusiastic team member! Cameron’s passion for football is evident in everything he does. Whether he’s watching his beloved Blackpool FC, despite their rollercoaster performances, or actively playing the game himself, football is truly at the heart of his hobbies.

When he’s not immersed in the world of football, Cameron can be found striving to improve his skills and knowledge in various areas. One unique aspect of his ambitions is his ideal superpower: mind reading. Cameron believes that this ability would allow him to gain invaluable insights from Gary, particularly in the intricate art of hand piece repairs. This superpower would undoubtedly be a handy addition to his already impressive skill set!

Cameron’s energy and dedication make him a cherished member of our team, always ready to tackle new challenges and contribute with enthusiasm.

T: 01253 404774
E: repairs@mcrepairs.co.uk

Jamie Lawler


Introducing Jamie, the driving force behind all things Marketing at MC Repairs & MC Dental Ltd! Jamie graduated with a degree in Marketing from Edge Hill University and has since been dedicated to applying his knowledge and skills to our marketing strategies.

Outside of work, Jamie stays active by attempting to play football and hitting the gym regularly. His commitment to fitness keeps him energized and ready to take on new marketing challenges.

If Jamie could choose any superpower, it would be supernatural thievery – a unique choice that reflects his creative and strategic thinking, always looking for innovative ways to stay ahead of the competition.

Jamie’s expertise and dynamic approach make him an invaluable member of our team, constantly driving our marketing efforts forward.

T: 01253 404774
E: jamie@mcrepairs.co.uk

Bethany Edge


Beth brings a vibrant energy to our team, combining her knack for organization with a passion for creativity. As our Workshop Administrator, Beth ensures that every aspect of our workshops runs seamlessly, from customer service, to assisting the technicians.

In her spare time, Beth has a plethora hobbies. When she’s not keeping our workshop in tip top shape, you’ll find her raving and misbehaving on the dance floor, indulging her flair for interior design, or hitting the gym with her furry friends in tow. And guess what? She’s also our new workshop DJ! 

T: 01253 404774
E: repairs@mcrepairs.co.uk

Rollo Wise


Rollo has been our experienced Team mascot at MC Dental & MC Repairs Ltd for 9 years now. Rollo enjoys bonding time with Carl Wise watching more football than Gary ever claims to. In the office, Rollo boosts the teams morale whenever there’s food in the vicinity. Just don’t feed him chocolate!

T: 01253 404774
E: rollo@mcrepairs.co.uk

Rita Ramos Nobre


Rita is dedicated to ensuring that our financial operations run smoothly and are up to date. Outside of the office, Rita enjoys watching the Call of Duty League, Ferrari on F1 and Camping!

We asked Rita what she loves most about her new role so far, she replied “At MC Repairs & MC Dental, the environment is always fast-paced and challenging, making every day different. It makes things exciting, and what’s not to love about an exciting job?

T: 01253 404 774
E: accounts@mcrepairs.co.uk